Sustainable Kirksville Eggs

Factory farmed eggs or free-range eggs? I tend to choose the latter without a second thought, but for those of you on the fringe allow me to explain: chicken factory farming causes extensive animal suffering, produces more greenhouse gases, contains more bacteria, and exposes us and the environment to hormones and antibiotics. I’d rather my egg-layers were happy and natural, thank you.

Factory farming conditions of egg-laying hens: video

There you are. Now that you’re thoroughly convinced, let’s explore some places to find pasture-raised, hormone/antibiotic-free eggs!

For Truman students, contact Robert Moore at for his farm-fresh eggs. You can simply meet him in his Magruder office and buy eggs from him for about $2 or $2.50.

Also contact:

Green Valley Farms (Kirksville, MO)

Leunen Farms (Lancaster, MO)
Home: (660) 457-212
Barn: (660) 216-0231

Harmony Farm (Greentop, MO)
Home: (660) 874-4714
Fax: (660) 874-4711

I’ve also seen free-range Heartland eggs at HyVee from time to time, but not recently.

Anyone else have some friendly egg sources? Comment up and let’s share!


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