Ten Unique Ideas for Sunshine Merriment!

If you ever lived through the biting winds, icy shivers, and numb-fingered winters of the Midwest, then you know how to appreciate these newfound spring days. With the air newly abloom with sacred warmth, I thought I would conjure up a few adventurous ideas to inspire your spontaneous side to rise to the challenge of having fun outdoors! We’re done watching movies and drinking hot chocolate inside. ‘Tis time to rise up and embrace the sunshine!

Outdoor fun not only offers us a way to reconnect with nature. It proves that we don’t need to buy our way into having fun. We can begin to become self-reliant by creating our OWN wonderful times!

  1. Climb a tree. You could read a book up there, or maybe you could bring a notebook and do some people-watching.
  2. Meditate or do yoga under a tree (I find these activities immensely easier when I’m outside). Or in a pasture. If you want to take a slightly different route, hold an outdoor séance with a few friends.
  3. Go CAMPING. Try to find someplace slightly uncrowded. Personally, I think crowded campsites kind of ruin the atmosphere. Fall asleep under the stars. If some people have instruments, a music session would be in good taste. (…outdoor dance party, perhaps…?)
  4. Grab some chalk. If you’re above the law, perhaps a can of spray paint although it’s probably not the most eco-friendly option. Head to an abandoned part of town. Make SURE it’s abandoned, because graffiti-ing on someone’s property would probably be rude. Make a stencil beforehand if you want to ensure your art’s splendid-ness. Or, if you’re not one to plan ahead, just freestyle!
  5. Play Tag, Hide-and-seek, or Sardines in the dark with some friends. Or my favorite, lava monster. (that’s when everyone runs around on a playset except one person on the ground who tags someone who then becomes the next lava monster)
  6. Sit in the grass and read a book out loud to a friend or two. I find Harry Potter books ideal for this, because the Dursleys’ voices have fantastic potential for imitation, especially because of the British accents.
  7. Work in a garden. (For Kirksville-ians, I’d recommend looking into the Kirksville Permaculture Education Center or the Communiversity Garden, which meets Thursdays in MG 1096 and generally does garden work on Saturday mornings/early afternoons)
  8. Grab some paints (or make your own milk paint to avoid chemical vapors), brushes, a surface of some sort, and find a sunny hilltop.
  9. Search around for some abandoned buildings. Enter at your own risk. This will ensure an adventure, if only for the fear-factor adrenaline rush.
  10. Visit an intentional community or eco-village in your area. With the sun out, they are now in visitor-accepting mode and will probably give you a tour over a weekend if you call ahead. Lean about alternative and sustainable living. For Kirksville, look into the Possibility Alliance or Dancing Rabbit. Here’s a directory of all the communities in Missouri.

Any ideas to add? Comment!


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