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Week-o-ECO Friday podcast

Here’s the final installment:  Friday podcast.  We will be meeting at the Soybomb at 6:30 on Friday (before the Veggie Potluck) to discuss.  Enjoy!


Week-o-ECO Thursday podcast

Here’s number three:  Thursday podcast   Don’t forget to click “Download original file” if no player appears…and enjoy! We will be meeting tonight at 8:15 in the 2nd floor lounge in Baldwin.

Week-o-ECO Wednesday podcast

Click the link below for the Week-o-ECO podcast for Wednesday, featuring Ya’oub, Reason Stephenberg, and Kaylin Boeckman!  Don’t forget, you may have to click on the “Download original file” link to get it to play.  If you can make it to the discussion tonight, please bring a list of any environmental writings that you have found particularly inspirational.  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday podcast

Week-o-ECO Tuesday podcast

Okay, here’s how this works.  Clicking the link below will take you to a site where you can listen to the brief podcast featuring me, Reason Stephenberg, and Kaylin “NPR Voice” Boeckman.  If you’re having trouble, you may have to click the “Download original file” link.  Email if you’re still having trouble.  Otherwise, sit back and enjoy some background on what we will be talking about when we meet at 9:00 tonight in the 2nd floor Baldwin Hall lounge.  If you can make it, please come with ideas of things we can do this week to make our impact a positive one.

Tuesday podcast 

A Wolf, a Shack, and A Sand County Almanac: The Life of Aldo Leopold

“Perhaps this is behind Thoreau’s dictum:  In wildness is the salvation of the world.  Perhaps this is the hidden meaning in the howl of a wolf…”

-Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac


Aldo Leopold was one of America’s most famous naturalists.  In this episode, hear the story of an event in his life that may have helped make him one of America’s most famous naturalists.

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Links and Sources:  Visit the Aldo Leopold Foundation Webste.  Learn more about “Green Fire” documentary.  Where are wolves? 

Leopold, Aldo. A Sand County Almanac with Other Essays on Conservation from Round River. New York: Oxford University Press. 1966.

Lorbiecki, Marybeth. Aldo Leopold: A Fierce Green Fire. Helena, Montana: Falcon Publishing, 1996.

Tanner, Thomas. Aldo Leopold: The Man and His Legacy. Ankeny, Iowa: Soil Conservation Society of America, 1987.

The Whitetail’s Return: A Conversation With Hollis Crawford

The whitetail deer, one of Missouri’s best known wild animals, was once nearly extinct in the state of Missouri.  Hollis Crawford, a former Missouri Department of Conservation employee and current professor at Truman State University, tells the story of the whitetail’s return. 

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Click here to learn more about:  Hollis Crawford’s interview in the Truman Index.  M.D.C.’s history of whitetail deer in Missouri.  Wild turkeys in Missouri.  Bison in Missouri.  Otters in Missouri.

See also:  “The Wild Mammals of Missouri.”  Charles W. Schwartz and Elizabeth R. Schwartz.  University of Missouri Press and Missouri Department of Conservation.  1981.

A Field Guide to Food Labels

Have you ever wondered what those little pictures on your food packaging mean?  In this episode, we try to decipher some common food labels during an ordinary trip to the grocery store. 

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Sources used (click for more information):

What does “natural” mean?  Artificial hormones not allowed in pigs and poultryArtificial hormone use.   Requirements for “grass-fed” labeling.  Cage free and free range, or How well are people keeping track of this stuff?  Organic labeling.   Status of the organic industry.   How healthy are organic foods?   Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International.   World Fair Trade Organization.